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If it's got lobster in the name, you expect the good stuff lurking inside the overgrown ocean insect. But a new report found that some restaurants are substituting it with cheaper fish.

Out of 28 restaurants tested nationwide, 35 percent of them served lobster dishes that contained no lobster at all, investigators atInside Editionfound. The restaurants tested included local spots as well as national chains, ordering dishes like lobster ravioli, lobster rolls and lobster bisque, then sending the meat off for DNA testing.

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Having Maine nearby isn't keepingsome NYC restaurants from cutting corners, according to Inside Edition's report:


In Coney Island,Nathan’s Famous lobster salad roll actually contained whiting, a fish. An industry group said the restaurant uses a seafood mix, which alsoincludes lobster.

There were mixed results in Little Italy, where thelobster ravioli came under scrutiny. Umberto's Clam Houseserved just what it promised, but at Sofia’s, testing found no trace of lobster, just cheese. The manager declined to comment.

SoupMan's Soup Nazi has a reputation,but it's because hetakes the product seriously: The bisque came back brimming with lobster.

Contrary to its name, Red Lobster is not always serving up its namesake crustacean. Out oflobster bisques ordered atthree differentlocations,one contained only langostino , a hermit crab relative, while the other two had a mix of langostino and lobster.

For the full report, watch Inside Edition tonight at 10:30 p.m. on WWOR.

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