Michelle Kenny was celebrating her daughter's 21st birthday when she was fatally sFacebook

A mother trying to protect her daughter from being stabbed to death on her birthday was murdered in Harlem early Tuesday.

The attacks occurred at an apartment building on Lenox Avenue where Michelle Kenny, 39, and her daughter Tomiesha Abraham were attending a July Fourthcookout, ABC 7 reported.Abrahamwas also celebrating her 21stbirthday, according to theNY Post.

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“Littttttttttttt,” Abraham set as her Facebook status at 11:58 p.m.

Ashanti Daniels, a tenant of the building, confronted the women a little after 2 a.m. in the hallway on the ninthfloor. A neighbor told the NY Post the 27-year-old was friends with Abraham, and appeared to be drunk at the time of the argument.


Daniels reportedly knocked Abraham to the ground before stabbing her in the arm and torso with a knife. Kenny was stabbed in the chest when she attempted to come to her daughter’s rescue, and died later at Saint Luke’s Hospital where her daughter was also sent after the altercation.

Police recovered the knife Daniels used to allegedly attack the women. She was arrested but not yet charged.

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