A Facebook group is calling for holiday shoppers to boycott the Staten Island Mall after it cancelled Christmas events and moved its tree outside.
"Boycott Staten Island Mall this Christmas Season”laments what many have dubbed "the war on Christmas." The movement has picked up 15,000 supporters in less than a day, the New York Post reports.
“This group is being formed to boycott the Staten Island Mall this Christmas season,” The page creator wrote in all caps on the Facebook page’s description. “The mall management has chosen to do away with the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and the Christmas parade with Santa Claus. We find this offensive.”
The mall responded quickly to the complaints with a Facebook post promising to resurrect the parade next year.
‘We heard the disappointment in your shopper feedback regarding the cancellation of the annual Santa Parade. At Staten Island Mall, we pride ourselves on being a community partner and take our shoppers’ sentiments to heart – good and bad,” The mall wrote. “We will host the annual Santa Parade next year, and look forward to celebrating treasured traditions and events in the years to come.”

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