A mosaic by Invader taken in Hong Kong in 2014. OhconfuciusWikimedia Commons

An anonymous French street artist known for his pixelated mosaics has come to New York City once again, to install some his works legally on local buildings, according to a report from the Times.


Invader, who arrived this weekend, has plans to place several mosaics on buildings from which he’s received permission from the owners after placing a call for willing participants on Instagram, the New York Times reported. The owners will need to give their approval of the works.


The move allows Invader to work legally, but still at odd hours to protect his identity. The name Invader is a pseudonym, based on the arcade game Space Invaders, the Times said. In 2013, the artist was reportedly arrested in New York City while putting up one of his mosaics.


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Though an anonymous artist, the Times visited the 46-year-old at his studio on the outskirts of Paris, taking a look at some his New York works. One was described as a”six-foot-tall Joey Ramone in dark glasses and a red-and-white striped shirt.”


The Times article notes his latest New York installations could bring him wider recognition.

Invader has installed more than 3,000 pieces in more than 60 cities around the world, the Times said. Recent highlights to his nearly two decade career include a small piece that was brought to the International Space Station in January, and a work that sold in March at auction for almost $350,000 at Christie’s in Hong Kong.

“He could transition fine,” Carlo McCormick, an art critic in New York who met Invader in England in 2006, said in the Times article. “He could have a museum or gallery or fine art practice. But his passion lies elsewhere. “He just can’t stop doing the illegal work on the street.”