Have you ever wanted to meditate with 500 people on an industrial farm in Williamsburg as the sun sets?

Wednesday was your chance. But tickets sold out Tuesday morning, with minimal promotion, said event organizer Jesse Israel.

“I hate having to do this, but there were so many tickets rolling in today, I had to hit the cap at 500,” Israel told Metro. “This says people want these types of experiences in the flesh, they’re thirsty for ways to recharge and disconnect from the overload in the city.”

The Big Quiet is a collaborative effort by young meditators with Medi Club, a network of about 500 young professionals, 90 of whom meet once a month at a SoHo loft to meditate, followed by snacks and conversations on work, relationships and their purpose in life.


“Meditation is the thread that brings us together,” said Israel, who founded Medi Club in December 2014. “After you share meditation, you’re vulnerable, and a bunch of modern, active people come out of the space grounded and willing to connect.”

Israel said Medi Club met on Monday night, and conversation turned to comparing the outward success of one’s peers online, what he called a “snapshot of success,” such as accolades documented in the New York Times and engagements, with one’s own internal view.

“We’re not having these kinds of dialogues usually, but throw us all in a loft together and it’s a different level of human connection.”

About eight percent of adults in the U.S. — 18 million — identified as meditators according to a 2012 report by theU.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and 1.6 percent of children.

The Big Quiet had its first mass meditation in Central Park in June where 1,500 people attended. Israel said that Wednesday’s event will include a three-minute primer for those new to meditation, followed by meditation. After, DJ’s will spin soulful music, and attendees can feast of farme’r market fare.

Tickets range from $1 to $10 donations, and all proceeds go to the Farm on Kent, according to organizers.

“There’s something so powerful about sharing silence in a busy city,” Israel said. “It’s a great opportunity for meditators to bring friends and family members who haven’t meditated before.”

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