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Super Bowl XLIX is this and just about every football fan is ready for the big game.

With the New York Giants finishing the 2014 season with a record of 6-10 and the Jets claiming last place at 4-12, no New York team was even close to making it to the Super Bowl this year.

Despite embarrassing seasons for both squads, New Yorkers are still eager to watch the game and predict who will take home the Vince Lombardi trophy this year.

Metro hit the streets to find out who they’ll be rooting for and who's going to win Super Bowl 2015.


Stephanie Lopez, 23, from Bed Stuy

"Something from seattle ... and the Patriots? Right? I don't have plans to see it, but I know some people who are watching it, so I might end up catching it ... If i had to choose a team it would be Sea Hawks cus' i have friends from there ... I'm not that surprised NY isn't in it, but I would definitely be more into it if a NY team was going."


Buba Le, 32, from Israel

"I'm a fan of the Sea Hawks just cuts the Giants didn't make it."


Mariyam Nayeri, 35, hails from Wisconsin but lives in Bed Stuy

"(Laughs) Yes, I know it's the patriots and the sea hawks ... I don't really have a vested interest in who's playing ... if it were the (Green Bay) Packers I would have been more into it ... Packers and football are like a religion with my family (laughs) ... but if I had to choose a team I'd go for the Sea Hawks, I'm not planning on watching it though."


Mekhi, 9, Hails from Miami FL, lives in Bed Stuy

"My teams always been the dolphins too, but I love the Super Bowl I'm gonna watch it anyway even though they're not in it ... We're gonna have a party at my Grandpas house to watch it, cuts he loves football ... we're gonna have lots of food ... I like touchdowns and tackles ... I used to play for the Tomahawks."


Chevy Lee, 27, hails from Miami FL, lives in Bed Stuy (Barber)

"I don't really care about NY teams to be honest, I've been a dolphins fan all my life ... My team isn't in the Super Bowl, but I appreciate the Super Bowl for any team that makes it ...


Salvador "Sal" Varela, 43, Bushwick, BK (road worker)

"I'm for Seattle, I think Seattle gonna win by three ... I'm not a NY fan, I'm a San Francisco 49ers fan ... Am I mad that San Francisco's not in it? Yeah I am ... But I'm happy for Seattle, even though it's my rivalry team, and I would like to see Seattle win it again."

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