The first week of January is hard enough without having to stick to resolutions. But we make them, probably the same ones as last year, probably to do with vague promises of healthier living. That’s an awful lot of pressure to put on shoulders, which are generally used to hefting nothing heavier than a wine bottle.


Whether you’ve already fallen off the resolution wagon or are just looking to indulge yourself for surviving the freezing temperatures, we’ve rounded up some of the most decadent, resolution-busting dishes in the city.


DB Bistro


French chefs know foie gras makes any dish better, but Daniel Boulud didn’t stop there. The sirloin patty of theOriginal DB Burger($35) is stuffed with foie, braised short ribs and black truffle, and served on a Parmesan bun. Let them eat cake – you won’t need it after this richness.55 W. 44th St.


Birds & Bubbles


Fried chicken that’s crispy but not over-breaded, and more varieties of Champagne than you’ve got special occasions for. Embrace their "every day is a celebration" ethos for a truly happy new year. 100B Forsyth St.

David Burke Kitchen

A co-worker described theToffee Monkey Bread($23) as “ridiculously sticky sweet … I’m in danger of consuming, like, 2,000 calories in one sitting.” It’s served with banana caramel and maple pecan ice cream and technically meant for two, according to the menu, but we don’t think that’s enforced.23 Grand St.


How often do we see weekend mornings after spending five days waking up to a brain-rattling alarm? Well, the Kung Pao chicken wings and waffles ($15) will make it worth your while. The dish already packs every food sin onto one plate (sugar, oil, carbs, etc.), then tops it off with coconut brown butter syrup. 369 Seventh Ave., Park Slope


Bring your animal instincts to this carnivore’s emporium and get in touch with the primal voice inside that just knows you weren’t meant to live on kale alone. Let the Roasted Bone Marrow ($18), buttery and garlicky and served still nestled inside a split bone, be your guide. 531 Hudson St.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Brooklyn

Canadians possess a special kind of resilience to endure winter, and that resilience is called poutine. InDino’s Poutine($7.95), the thick-cut fries deliver pulled pork and beef gravy ladled with pimento cheese into your comfort food-seeking maw. With that much insulation on your bones, you’ll barely need a sweater.604 Union St.

The Skylark

From 30 floors up, you may as well be miles away from the rhythm of city life. So let go of that final vestige of how you’re “supposed” to do things and order dessert first – in cocktail form. Mixologist Johnny Swet’s Maple Sage Cream ($18) has Nolet’s gin, maple syrup, heavy cream, lemon sage leaf and nutmeg, or enjoy a childhood treat made for the 21+ set: the Snickerdoodle ($18), with Bison Grass Vodka, Tuaca Vanilla Liqueur, Faretti Biscotti and a cinnamon stick.200 W. 39th St.