At the southeastern corner of Times Square sits a building out of time.


The Beaux Arts beauty that is The Knickerbocker opened at 42nd Street and Broadway in 1906 as a hotel by John Jacob Astor IV. But the Great Depression didn’t have much use for velvet ropes and martinis, both rumored to have been invented at the luxury hotel, and it closed in 1921, then was later converted into office space.


Recently, The Knickerbocker was reclaimed for its original purpose, undergoing a total renovation and getting a noteworthy rooftop barto become a five-star hotel that reopened in February. In honor of its 109th anniversary on Oct. 23, a limited number of rooms will be released at their original $2 rate. Here in the modern day, they go for around $500 a night.


For a chance to score the one-night deal, register through the hotel’s website by Oct. 16.