You've seen many ads for penis enlargement, but one 17-year-old American boy wanted the exact opposite: The teenager is allegedly the first patient to undergo penis reduction surgery, according to the MailOnline.

The boy complained that his penis was too large for him to comfortably have sex or play sports, said doctors. His surgeons said his penis, when flaccid, was seven inches long and 10 inches around - the doctors said the boy's penis resembled a football in shape.

Surgeon Rafael Carrion, a urologist at the University of South Florida, told the MailOnline that he was surprised when he heard the teenager's request. He said, "There comes a time in every urologist's career that a patient makes a request so rare and impossible to comprehend that all training breaks down and leaves the physician speechless.'That question was 'can you make my penis smaller?'"

It wasn't only the size and shape of the penis that plagued the teen. He also suffered from priapisms - unwanted erections that made his penis swell. The boy told doctors he was embarrassed by how visible his penis was in his shorts and that its heavy weight made it difficult for him to play sports with his friends.


Carrion compared it to a "balloon" in girth. Because of the unprecedented nature of the surgery, Carrion had to devise a new plan to tackle penis reduction. "There's ... very little on how to make it smaller," he told the Mail. The surgeons removed tissue from two sides of the penis - Carrion compared it to having "two side tummy-tucks."

The teenager left the hospital after just two days and is reportedly very happy with the results. His penis is functioning normally.

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