Manhattan – Silver Towers,

As New York City’s population continues to grow, so does its skyline, with more record-breaking towers being built in recent years.

This change isn’t only going on in NYC, but also in other major cities across the country. wanted to show the shifting skylines of these urban centers in the last decade, selecting “the most striking skyline transformations to take place recently in America’s expanding cities.”

To demonstrate the change, the site used time-lapse slides of “the best real estate developments built in the U.S. in the last decade or so.” These included five in New York City, in the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx.


Check out these five transformations below to see how just some parts of the city have transformed in the last decade:

Queens – East Coast 4, 4545 Center Blvd, School 78, Quik Park, 4540 Center Boulevard

The Bronx – Courtlandt Corners I and II (a.k.a. The Upton)

Brooklyn – Avalon Fort Greene & Toren

Manhattan – Silver Towers, Sky

Manhattan – Skyline

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