When you stick 50,000 people on an island (not to mention some of music’s biggest names), you know things are going to get crazy. From a performer getting serious injured to technical failures and a surprise appearance, here are the top moments that everyone will be talking about today.

Hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd was one of the first acts to kick off the festival. Despite the rain, Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee came out full force, running and jumping all over the stage. In a daring stunt, Jimmy leaped from speaker to speaker and smack in the middle of “No Flex Zone,” he fell and seriously injured his leg. The show came to a stop while he was carted away in an ambulance while Lee continued the set without him.

When Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine spotted a fan with a sign that read, “Hug me?” she told the massive crowd she would give the girl a hug if the girl could get to the front of the stage. Everyone came together helping the fan crowd surf all the way to the front. Welch dramatically ran off stage and embraced the girl and then invited her up on the stage to hug everyone else. The touching moment gave everyone the feels.

What’s a music festival without some surprise collaborations? Chromeo treated fans by bringing Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend on stage and the two rocked out to “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa and “Bonafide Lovin.” As you can imagine, the crowd went bananas.


Even dressed as a butterfly and performing with a full orchestra behind her, Bjork couldn’t hold the attention of many festival goers the second day of Governors Ball. Playing the main stage, she failed to draw the same size crowd that Florence and the Machine brought the night before, at the same time slot. Many of those who did go seemed unfamiliar with her songs and ventured off to check out one of the other musical acts performing at the same time. But those who stuck it out were impressed as the Icelander really went all out.

EDM favorite Deadmau5 used Governors Ball to unveil a new stage, but things did not go as planned. “Rehearse all you want, you’re still at the mercy at the f—kup who doesn’t know how 3 phase power works. Lol. Amazing recovery tho!” the artist tweeted shortly after he got off stage. For their part, the official Governors Ball Twitter account tweeted, “During @Deadmau5 closing there was a pause in the performance due to a power issue. We all worked quickly to rectify & the show resumed.” Yikes.

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