Happy Pride Month! The Stonewall may get historic landmark status. Hello!


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Here at 7-ish (it's Monday!) are the 6 things New Yorkers are talking about today.


LIGHTNING. Sunday's doozy of a storm still has the metro area reeling. Sure, it ain't Texas-size floods but the impact made for some hairy -- and wet - situations. Roads were closed and cars were floating throughout the tri-state. Flash flood warnings remain ihn effect it'll be in the 50s, rainy and humid all day. At least one death is attributed to the storm -- a woman in Elizabeth, N.J. whose house caught fire in a lightning strike.


CRANE TROUBLE: Say it again, City Hall. It could have been a lot worse. Early Sunday, there was yet another crane misjhap in the city. A massive air conditioning came crashing to Earth at 261 Madison Avenue between 38th and 39th Street. Several years bvack, there seemed to be deadly construction crane accidents every few months. Let's hope the city moves swiftly with its probe.


HAPPY PRIDE: Busu. Busy. Busy. It's pride month for the LGBT community and there is a lot doing out and about. The city on Tuesday, will begin a review of a proposal to give the Stonewall Inn historic landmark status. The Christopher Street bar is where the modern-day, in-your-face, gay rights movement got its start when, in June, 1969, bar patrons, including some tough-as-their-nails drasg queens, rioted against NYPD harassment. The annual gay pride march is, as always, the last Sunday of June -- the 28th this year. And it's a march, people. NOI

RANGERS: We know. It hurts. It's difficult. But let'sd hear it for the boys defying expectations, even though their Stanley Cup hopes ended with Friday's Game 7 Eastern Conference hearbreaker. Metro's crack sports scrbes play team consultant today and give some solid advice for building on this year's wins.

SCHOOL OF ROCK: Metro's Eva has a fascinating look at the making of School of Rock: The Musical, for Broadway. Startintg Wednesday, there will be four pre- pre- preview shows in which Andrew Lloyd will take into account every audience twitch, groan, and clap as hefine tunes the show.

WORLD'S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS: The controversial list of all lists is out later today. The Times has a great look at how the list has come under attack, even from chefs who have benefitted from it.