J. Peter Donald the director of communications for the NYPD tweeted around noon on Thursday that there's a cow on the loose in Queens.

The responses to the tweet were hilariously confused.

And just when you thought that the cow was all made up, the 103rd Precinct tweeted out pictures of their capture of the animal. Luckily there were no injuries!

Additionally, here's a video of the cow running in Queens.

The cow escaped a halal slaughter house in Jamaica, near where it was caught, and "was initially spotted on Jamaica Avenue and Merrick Boulevard at about 12:45 p.m," DNA Info reported.

DNA added that the cow's taste of freedom was brief, as it's still scheduled to be slaughtered Friday.

“Tomorrow, we’ll kill it," Archer Halal Live Poultry employee Adad Deopersaud told DNA. "Every Friday we kill animals."

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