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While New York City is well-known for its expensive prices, the city also offers professionals a variety of careers that can rake in hefty paychecks, and a new report details which of those are the highest paying.

The new analysis from jobs website Glassdoor offered a list of the city’s most profitable occupations based on the salaries that professionals have shared on the site over the last year.

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The top slot was given to the occupation of general counsel, for which the median base salary of $168,000 was nearly $40,000 more than the $130,000 base that a solutions architect, second on the list, could expect to make, Glassdoor reported.


The top five was rounded out by clinical pharmacist, data scientist and controller, Glassdoor added, stating that those professionals could expect a median base salary of $100,000 to $115,500 per year.

Such figures seem large when compared to the cost of living in other cities, but in New York, only 17 percent of the city’s top earners were able to afford a one-bedroom in Manhattan, where the median rent was recently figured to be $3,300, Business Insider reported.

Tech and health care positions made several appearances throughout the rest of the city’s highest paying jobs list, with software engineer, mobile developer, physician assistant, UX designer and programmer analyst filling out the top 10, Glassdoor stated. Professionals in those positions could all expect to make between $80,000 and $100,000 per year.

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By contrast, an administrative assistant could expect to make an annual total just over $43,500, salary analysis site Payscale reported. A typical office manager makes just under $50,000 per year while an executive assistant could expect just over $62,000 annually.

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