A feline Mets fan watches Matt Harvey on the mound.

Screenshot YouTube/Ken Juell

New York is hoping for another World Series win this October,but this time its blue and orange, not pinstripes that the city's baseball fans are sporting.

And their pets are no exception.

Mets lovers have taken to social media to post photos of their dogs and cats decked out in the team's gear as they've cheered them on through the postseason, including two wins so far through in the National League Championship Series.

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One YouTubevideo posted on Oct. 19 of Game 1 of the National League Series, of a kittenshows just how dedicated the local pet population is to the Amazings. The feline is glued to the screenas Mets ace Matt Harvey is at the mound against the Cub, and even paws at the screen with the action.

But this cat isn't the only pet who wants to see the Mets go all the way.

Though dogs are the dominant pets in Mets gear, cats were not left out of the fun, especially since there were quite a few jokes going around Twitter about black cats and this year's National League Championship Series matchup.

The Chicago Cubs, which have not won a World Series since 1908 and reached the championship since 1945, blame part of that bad streak on a 1969 incident at Shea Stadium. During that important Sept. 9 game a black cat ran across that path of Cub third baseman Ron Santo who was in the on-deck circle.

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