Three men were arrested in Brooklyn for allegedly stealing 2,000 boxes of frozen eels from a New Jersey shipping terminal.

The trio —identified as Wei Da Li, 39, Sheauloon Yat, 51, and Fa Deng, 36 — were caught near Eighth Avenue and 66th Street in Sunset Park’s Chinatown section just before 3 p.m. Monday, according to the New York Post.

They allegedly picked up the shipment of eels —worth just over $1 million — from a terminal in Elizabeth New Jersey on June 1 by using false paperwork, the Post reported.

The real owners of the eel shipmentcalled police and a sting was set up on Monday to buy back the boxes in Brooklyn, according to Pix11. Police arrested the men at the warehouse where they were keeping the eels, but have only recovered less than half the boxes — worth about $360,000.

All three have been charged with criminal possession of stolen property.