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The usually mild-mannered and soft spoken Todd Bowles apparently can get his fuse lit, the New York Jets head coachhating losing enough to turnlose his temper a bit.

Bowles supposedly tore his team a proverbial new one on Sunday following their tough-to-swallow loss at the Houston Texans. Defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson told WFAN on Tuesday morning that Bowles got angry with his team following a game where the offense struggled for much of the first half, the defense was inept and both sides of the ball had untimely penalties.

But other than that, they were pretty good.

(Sarcasm alert).


"After the game, [Bowles] went off on us and told us [that]‘losing is not acceptable,'”Wilkerson said in a weekly interview with Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts, themid-dayhosts on WFAN. “He doesn’t like losing, as well. I’m pretty sure that everybodyin the locker room definitely needs to have that spark lit under them this weekand we need to get these wins rolling quickly.”

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The Jets have now lost three of their last four games to fall from being in the driver's seat for a playoff berth to now looking in from the outside.

In his postgame remarks, Bowles singled out rookie Devin Smith, a second round pick at wide receiver, for criticism. It is a vastly different approach from that of former head coach Rex Ryan, who was known to often be a cheerleader for his squad even when they under-performed.

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