Nino Valvano hit a cop with his car and dragged him, cops say.


A Westchester cop was recovering Monday after he was struck by a suspect’s car -- and dragged 100 feet.


The incident happened around 4 a.m., shortly after a restaurant patron who had reportedly been causing trouble was shown the door.


The patron, Nino Valvano, 38, was observed by White Plains municipal cops grabbing something from his car. concealing it his waistband -- and then returning it to the vehicle.

Then he appeared to toss the object back in the car.


The Journal News says: “As officers arrived at the scene, Valvano ran back to his car and appeared to toss the weapon into the backseat. One officer walked up to the car and grabbed onto the door. That's when Valvano allegedly put the car into drive, striking the officer and dragging him about 100 feet down Post Road before throwing him to the ground.”


The officer suffered minor injuries.

A chase ensued and the perp was eventually caught and cuffed.

"This incident is a prime example of the daily dangers that our police officers face," said White Plains Public Safety Commissioner David Chong. "I am proud of the way the men and women of the WPPD handled this incident."A White Plains officer grabbed the car door. Police said Valvano put the car in drive, hit the cop and dragged him.

Valvano was charged with assault, reckless driving and drug possession.