A huge pine tree is shown after falling through a home from the wind and rain damage Reuters

Hermine is forecast to impact New York City over the Labor Day weekend and beyond, as the city is prepping for the possible tropical storm by closing beaches and warning residents to brace for flooding.


The National Weather Service has issued a Tropical Storm Watch for all of New York City, as well as Long Island and parts of Connecticut and the New Jersey coast.


Hermine made landfall on Florida's northern Gulf Coast Thursday night, and as of Friday morning was located over southwestern Georgia with sustained winds at 70 mph. By as early as Sunday evening the tropical storm could hit the New York City area south of Long Island, and remain stalled for as much as four days, according to officials.


“Every New Yorker has to be prepared themselves,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said a Friday morning press conference.


The city plans on closing beaches for swimming on Sunday, and possibly for several days after, as riptides are the number one concern with this storm, according to the mayor.


Coastal flooding was another problem Hermine could bring, and the city could enact bridge restrictions. Thoug the mayor didn’t anticipate any restrictions on public transit, adding this wasn’t likely another Sandy.

Still, he added that New York has seen some storms get better and “some take a turn for the worse.” Drivers and pedestrians should still be cautious of high winds and stay indoors during this unofficial last weekend of summer if they get severe.