Uberwill be chauffeuring around more than humans on Thursday.

For the third year therideshare service is offeringUberKITTENS in honor of National Cat Day.

From11 a.m. to3 p.m. in 50 cities across the U.S., including New York City and Philadelphia, cat lovers can pay $30 for a "snuggle fee,' or 15 minutes of kitten time.

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Just like a ride, a cat can be requested via the Uber app, using the "kittens" option. Uber recommends having an enclosed spacefor playtime, and will come to an office, but it should be cleared with your boss in case someone is allergic.

UberKITTENS is more than just a cute excuse to take a break from the workday on Thursday. In most of the cities, the cats are eligible for adoption, and30 kittens have found homes throughUberKITTENS in past years.

Demand for the kittens is expected to be high on Thursday, but Uber, which has teamed up withOperation Kindness,has a list on its blog of participating shelters tovisit the adoptable kittens in person.

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