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Uber, in collaboration with Animal Planet, is offering to deliver puppies for 15-minute play sessions in an effort to support various local animal charities.

On Wednesday, Uber encourages its users to request the puppies option within the app to schedule a play date with some four-legged friends between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. In New York, the option is accessed by entering “PUPPYNYC.”

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Once they arrive, puppies will be available for 15 minutes of playing, Uber stated, adding that in most cases, the puppies are available for adoption.


The fee for 15 minutes of puppy fun is $30, which will go to support the New York-area animal charities Bideawee,Humane Society of New York andLiberty Humane Society.

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Uber reminded participants to verify that they can accommodate puppy playtime in their offices and that no one nearby would be allergic.

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