If one was to guess which athlete on this Earth was a part of a super-secret, out-of-this world secret society that is in touch with the origins of man and/or beings on other planets - Usain Bolt would garner plenty of votes. The Jamaican track superstar dominated in Rio and it's often hard to fathom how one human in one sport is that much better than his or her closest competitor.

Conspiracy theorists are currently having a field day with Bolt, who in addition to his excellence on the track, might be the best in the world at flashing hand gestures of all sorts. Fortunately for the conspiracy theory crowd, most of the hand gestures Bolt shows off during competition can be traced to the Illuminati.

Above are some of Bolt's most suspicious hand gestures from Rio and a YouTube video which goes deep in the hand gestures. It also makes light of the fact that Bolt often races in the "6" lane. Get it? "666?"

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