Employees at a New Jersey restaurant erupted in tears of joy and celebration as they mistakenly believed they had a winning Powerball ticket.

When servers, cooks and bartenders at Grissini’s Restaurant in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, had purchased Powerball tickets in an office pool, NBC reported, they accidentally believed their ticket for Saturday’s drawing was instead valid for last Wednesday’s drawing.

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In an uncanny coincidence, their Saturday ticket exactly matched the numbers from Wednesday’s drawing, KFOR reported in a related article.


In the video, the workers shout, cheer and jump in ecstatic happiness, and one hugs his co-workers and wipes away his tears, NBC added.

During the celebration, one Grissini’s employee even quit his job, according to NBC, which added that it remains unclear when the group realized they had the wrong numbers.

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Instead of hitting it rich, Saturday’s drawing left the group with no winnings at all, KFOR stated.