It was a purr-fect save.

One NYPD Highway Unit officer caused a traffic jam last week to help save a cat that had wandered onto a busy highway in Queens, according to a post on the NYPD’s Facebook page.

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The post includes a video of the rescue and begins by showing the officer — who had been writing a summons to another driver when he saw the cat run onto the road — searching under a stopped minivan and then telling the driver to continue moving forward slowly. Once the van drives away, the cat is seen underneath, frozen in its path.


With rush hour traffic making its way around him, the officer picks up the orange feline and carries it safely off the highway.

According to police, once the officer carried the cat to the grassy side of the road, it jumped out of his arms and ran away.

The post also included the hashtag #ItsWhatWeDo.

NYPD Highway Officer Saves Cat

A Worthwhile Traffic Jam An NYPD Highway Unit officer stopped traffic last Friday to help save a cat that accidentally wandered on to the Grand Central Parkway in rush hour traffic -- #ItsWhatWeDo. Cat and cop are now new friends and doing well!

Posted by NYPD on Wednesday, December 23, 2015
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