Move over pizza rat, this pigeon-fighting rodent may have you beat.

In this dramatic video, a rat is seen battling with a pigeon in the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

As the two city dwellers scuffle, you can see the rat lock its jaws around the pigeon’s body and drag it around on the ground.

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People standing around the scene can be heard commenting in shock as the battle goes on for almost three minutes.

According to the description of the video posted to John Freund’s YouTube account, this video was captured back in August of last year. We suspect it is going viral now because of another New York City rat that became famous for carrying an entire slice of pizza down the stairs in a subway station.

We’re not sure what exactly happened to the pigeon, but the rodent in the video was last seen dragging the pigeon’s body into the bushes. At that point, the pigeon didn’t appear to be putting up a fight.

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