The skateboard community and animal rights activists are fuming over a video that allegedly shows sponsored skateboarder Shawn Powers breaking open a lobster tank and throwing the lobsters against a brick wall.

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In the video, a man, whom many allege to be Powers, looks at the camera and says, "I'll break it, and I'll take the f–kin' crabs out."

The man then strikes the glass wall of the tank four times before it breaks, and water begins pouring out onto the sidewalk.

The undated video has been posted around the web with many commenters responding with anger. Some defended Powers, saying that the lobsters were going to be cooked anyway.

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Powers, who in a 2012 interview with seems mildly taciturn,is reportedly a native of Queens. Powers is sponsored by British skateboarding brandPalace Skateboards.

The scene of the vandalization is reportedly at A-Wah II in New York City's Chinatown. The restaurant may have gone out of business because a phone call to the restaurant was answered by a dead line.


Watch the video of the incident below:

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