The Bagel Burger


Black Tap and The Bagel Storeare floating the crazy notion that, just maybe, you should check them out even when you're not looking for a sugar high.

The two blew up around the same time last winter, with Black Tap's giant milkshakes still commanding nearly two-hour waits at all times of day and the Rainbow Bagel showing no signs of ceding its status as Instagram's most coveted breakfast food.

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But Black Tap's burgers are pretty decent, too, and Scott Rossillo has been hand-rolling all kinds of bagels for over 20 years in Brooklyn. This weekend, they're teaming up for a collaboration Bagel Burger for the brunch of your psychedelic dreams: a Pat LaFreida beef patty with bacon, eggs, cheese and truffle mayo on a black-and-white swirled truffle oil bagel.


The Bagel Burger is $19 (it also comes with a side of homemade fries) and only available Sept. 10 and 11 in very limited quantities: 50 per day at Black Tap Meatpacking, and just 25 per day at Black Tap SoHo. Remember to factor in brunch now starting at 8 a.m. when setting your alarm.

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