For a man picked up by an NYPD officer while hanging out with his friends on a Bronx street, his fate was literally left to chance.

Officer David Terrell of the 42nd Precinct took Kenny Shenery, 25, into custody earlier this year as he was playing dice with friends on a Claremont street. Shenery was handcuffed and placed in Terrell’s patrol car.

“There was no reason, we were just playing dice,” Shenery now tells NBC4.

Terrell told Shenery’s friends he would let him go if he lost a round of dice, a police source told the New York Daily News, adding that if Terrell won, Shenery’s friends would also be taken into custody.


“It wasn’t a joke, he gambled for my freedom,” Shenery said.

When Terrell lost the dice game, the crowd cheered, and the smiling officer can be seen walking away.

Terrell, however, did not uphold his promise, and Shenery was not set free. He was put through the court system for two days for playing loud music, he said. “I didn’t even have a radio in my car,” he added.

Terrell, who was promoted to detective after the dice-playing incident, has since been stripped of his shield and gun and placed on modified duty early last month following a domestic incident while he was off-duty, the Daily News reported.

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