Midtown buidlings get ripped down to make room for a large office tower.

New York YIMBY/YouTube screenshot

The New York City skyline has changed over the years — with some hard-to-miss additions — but a recently released video is showing the alterations of just one block.

One Vanderbilt is a 1,401-foot-tall office office tower slated for the Midtown East area between 42nd and 43rd streets.

According to New York Yimby, the roof will reach 1,301 feet, with a spire going the extra 100.

Permits have the building at 67 stories, but so far PR representatives are saying it will by only 58, the website added.


One Vanderbilt doesn’t only stand out for its height, but also symbolizes a push to modernize the Midtown East area and attract more office tenants, according to Curbed.

An official groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, with construction “expected to go vertical” in the spring of 2017, and the tower to be fully complete in 2020, YIMBY reported.

Before groundbreaking could even begin, a block of prewar commercial buildings next to Grand Central had to be demolished, according to YIMBY.

Check out the video below showing a time-lapse of the year-long process:

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