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Watch out for pets: Cops find bulldog abandoned in hot car

The rising heat levels can be especially hazardous to animals.

Police forced open an SUV door in order to rescue a trapped bull dog from stifling conditions on Monday.

Robyn Urman, a hairdresser and animal rights activist at the Purple Rain Salon in Tenafly, New Jersey, noticed the bull dog in front of her shop. She called police 10 minutes later, reported NBC.

Fortunately, the dog appeared to be fine. The owner returned 12 minutes after the police showed up and was warned about animal cruelty, according to NBC.

According to PETA, on a 90-degree day, the temperature within the car can rise up to 160 degrees in under 10 minutes. In 15 minutes, animals can die from heatstroke.

Hot cars can be a death trap for dogs. If you see an abandoned pet, do not hestitate to call police.

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