Sugar has been missing since February. In a new lawsuit, Sugar's owner claims her dogTwitter

Posters of Morgan Bogle’s pitbull Sugar have been plastered in the East Village and beyond since the dog vanished in late February and her dog walker claimed to have blacked out while on duty.

In a new lawsuit, Bogle is accusing her dog walker, Tommy Doerr, of trading her beloved pit bull for the hallucinogenic drug PCP, or sold the pup to a dog-fighting ring.

The details of the lawsuit, filed on May 11, were first reported by the New York Post over the weekend. A copy was provided to Metro on Monday by Bogle, who declined to comment.

Bogle cut her work trip early and returned home after learning from her East Village neighbor that her dog was missing, according to the lawsuit. Doerr apparently told Bogle that he “black[ed]” out and didn’t know what happened to the dog.


Sugar’s collar and jacket were found at Doerr’s East 26th Street home, and the suit alleges that the dog walker was detained by police and found with a controlled substance, possibly PCP.

Bogle wants Doerr to pay him $10,000 for breach of contract and injuries.

Doerr has counter-sued Bogle alleging defamation, and his lawyer told the Post that the dog walkerwas not on drugs during the episode.

Calls to Doerr were not returned on Monday.

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