Today in “sh-- yuppies say,” a video of a white Brooklyn jogger having an absolute meltdown and screaming at a man who apparently ran his stroller into him claims he settled Brooklyn.
All hail, the Christopher Columbus of Brooklyn.
While being held back by a cop who clearly has much better things to do than hold back a yuppie from beating up a parent, the jogger (yuppie) yells:“The only reason why people like you are living here is because I settled this f**king neighborhood for you!”
This of course garners a huge guffaw and roar of laughter from the people recording.
“Thank you, white guy!” Says the man recording the confrontation.
“You’re a sick f**,” the mother yells at the jogger to which he responds by accusing her of, wait for it!
Watch the video and prepare to cry, because there is no way in hell this is real.