Chef Daniel Boulud in the kitchen of Daniel.

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In a city full of exclusive dining experiences, sitting at the four-person table in Daniel Boulud’s Skybox office for his Duck a la Presse remains unique — and you could win it by using the reservation app OpenTable .

​​ Inside Daniel on the Upper East Side, there is a narrow, winding stairway, leading up to his personal office, which, because he's a chef, not only has his phone and stapler but a table for four called the Skybox. And while it's tempting to spend the night spying on the real-time cooking reality show taking place below, it would be a shame to miss the four-waiter dance to serve the restaurant's Duck a la Presse.

The bird has to be ordered special from a farm in Sonoma County, where it is drowned instead of other methods where the blood would be lost. It is soaked in red wine, then roasted, with anything that can't be served going into a 1934 duck press to make a jus. "This is the one to win," says chef Chad Brauze of Rotisserie Georgette, who has first-hand experience with the dish (from both sides of the table).

The Daniel dinner is one of the #100OpenTables experiences up for grabs, all taking place April 9. Enter from now through March 24 by picking a dinner through the app — participating restaurants in NYC also include Eleven Madison Park, Luksus at Torst, Sushi Nakazawa and Jean-Georges.

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