A 5 train rider was sent to the hospital after he was pepper sprayed by a young woman who claimed he was pushing her.


Police and witnesses told the Daily Newsthat the young woman unleashed the spray onto the 37-year-old Bronx man as it pulled into the 86th St. station around 11 a.m. She promptly jumped off at the stop.


Passenger Thaina Gonzalez said everyone on the train was coughing from the fumes of the spray and banging on the walls of the car. She added that she was sitting next to the man when the argument broke out.


The man was sleeping in his seat, prompting the young woman to confront him.


“She kept saying, ‘Stop pushing me!’” Gonzalez told the News. “I looked at her and he wasn’t doing anything to her. He wasn't even talking to her. He then said, ‘I'm not pushing you.’”


When the train approached the station, the young woman sprayed the man in the eyes and dashed off.

Other passengers on the train took care of the sprayed man and gave him water to wash his face. Gonzalez told the News the man was vomiting.

Police describe the young woman as black, between the ages of 18 and 20 and wearing a blue jacket.