An Upper West Side resident was asked to leave Lincoln Center's David Geffen Hall, abWikimedia

She’s attended hundreds of Lincoln Center performances over the past six decades, but a sign affixed to the back of her jacket kept Jenny Heinz from seeing the Budapest Festival Orchestra earlier this month.

Since she attended a protest outside Trump Tower in November, the 72-year-old Upper West Side resident has been sporting a sign that says, “NO! In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America.”

Heinz told The New York Times that she was asked to leave Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall after she refused to remove the sign.

“At what point does one draw the line? We’re talking about freedom of expression,” she said.


The longtime patron of the Metropolitan Opera and New York Philharmonic said she was excited to see the orchestra partly because one of its members was nearly prevented from entering the country due toPresident Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban.

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Heinz’s ticket for the performance wasrefunded, and at a meeting with Lincoln Center officials after the incident she was told that signs are prohibited from its performance halls and exterior plaza.

“The arts have always been political,” Heinz told The Times. “Even if it’s disturbing to some people, it gets them to move for a moment into a place where they think about what is happening.”

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