A woman caught on camera seconds before she allegedly hit a 10-year-old boy in his face last month turned herself over to police.

Authorities said Jathiyah Richards, 47, showed up at NYPD's doorstep more than a month after the alleged assault.

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Richards — who faces assault, menacing and child endangerment charges — was identified by police the woman seen on surveillance video from a Bronx deli on Aug. 19.


In the video, a woman can be seen in an argument with the boy, who police later said was the son of the M&G Bus Stop Deli owner in the Bronx.

A second woman tries but fails to hold the woman thought to be Richards back as she waves her fist in the air.

The child was left with a bloody nose and did not require medical attention.

NBC New York reported that the owner's son admitted he taunted the woman by "making faces."

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