If you’ve dreamed of having a space to call your own in Willamsburg, Brooklyn, but the neighborhood continues to be out of your price range, then you may be in luck.

An ad recently posted to Craigslist promises hipsters an Art Deco, retro mini-apartment made from a converted dumpster that is green-friendly, sustainable and trendy.

The cost? $1,200 a month or $200 per night.

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6sqft, which first wrote about the listing, reports that the dumpster is a real home, and was created by builder, designer and artist Gregory Kloehn. He was actually featured in on HGTV’s “You Live in What?” in 2013, and paid $2,000 to fix up the dumpster.

The six month project, according to 6sqft, outfitted the former trash receptaclewitha “sink, stove, toilet and sleeping area inside, and on the outside he added a shower, barbecue grill, mini bara deck and a retractable roof with windows.”

6sqft never got a reply from the seller, and the posting only features an outside shot, so there is no confirmation on whether Kloehn is actually renting out the dumpster. Kloehn does only use it during summers, and lives on the West Coast the rest of the year.

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Whether the post is real or not,the idea of someone paying this much just to live in a prime area of Brooklyn, is probably making you laugh — or even cry. But living in such a small space isn’t so far fetched, and could beatrend.

A show on HGTV called “Tiny House Hunters,” now in its second season, follows home buyers as they are trying to downsize to the extreme, to places that are under 600 square feet. Some of the homes featured on the show are not too far from a hip Brooklyn dumpster. Called the “small” or “tiny house movement,” the buyers on the show like to pay cash for their homes in order to live mortgage free.

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