Remember that Lower East Side bar bathroom that you had that regrettable makeout sesh in last winter? Well, now you can live in that bathroom, and relive your regrets for a bargain rent of just $30 a month.

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Except, you can’t.

It was all apart of a cruel Craigslist hoax that advertised Lower East Side bar Local 138’s bathroom as an “artist’s loft” all just “a stone’s throw from organic grocery stores, the hottest brunch spots and hipster bars.”
“Room includes a window, a door, your very own bathroom and walls dressed with authentic NYC street art. Hot water included. I provide a space heater for the winter months,” the ad went on. “The shower is located at the Comfort Inn next door. I'll personally introduce you to the door man Juan Pablo. Juan only works two nights a week so plan accordingly.”
The saddest thing about the entire story are the earnest and eager responses to the listing from gullible, and desperate people looking for a corner of the world to call their own.
The New York Post reports that one transplant wrote, “I am looking for a cheap place while I get on my feet and make the transition from Texas.”
“This place is perfect for me and I am interested, only I did not really understand how the situation works. Can you please elaborate a bit?” an NYU student reportedly wrote.
Don’t lose all your faith in humanity. There were reportedly those who did get the joke. We’re sure though that they were greatly outnumbered by those who were totally down to live in a bathroom.
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