Dean Ambrose will take it to the extreme, kind of, sort of, Sunday night.Getty Images

If there’s one objective that the WWE has in particular for Extreme Rules, it’s to be safe. In past generations, we were a bloodthirsty people. In some capacity, we certainly still are. But in a time where we see the repercussions of concussions and the glaring wear and tear of some of pro wrestling’s most beloved personas, we must take certain precautions. And it’s not just pro wrestling. This is a reality many other sports must face. New rules that apply to the NFL based on all of the concussion research are shaping a different game for their respective sport, and we live in a time where we must sacrifice entertainment for the well being of the talent.

That’s why it’s difficult for me to take the term “Extreme” without a grain of salt. Even if Shane jumped off the cell at WrestleMania, the extreme culture is not something that was able to sustain itself. This is why the supposed Hardcore bout between Lesnar and Ambrose was a bit disappointing. As something that was hyped so much to be a grueling bloodbath, it was fairly tame. I don’t expect much more from the Asylum match at Extreme Rules.

It must be hard for Dean Ambrose to be the “Extreme” guy in WWE during the PG era. Even if the culture is shifting back toward a more realistic, mature product, a guy like Ambrose is limited in an environment restricted by legalities. At every effort to draw blood, the replay will be shown in black and white, and any potential chair shot to the head will be redirected to the lower back, for safety’s sake.