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Yelp will get you on a restaurant's waitlist before you even arrive

Last-minute dinner planners, this is for you.
Less waiting means more partyingiStock

Yelp is about to improve the worst part of going out.

The website has partnered with a service called Nowait, which lets customers check wait times at restaurants that don't accept reservations and get onto the waitlist before they even leave home, according to TechCrunch. When their table is ready, the customer gets a text — but if they haven't arrived, the restaurant is not obliged to hold their seats.

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Nowait's features will be integrated into Yelp within a few months. The app currently has a network of over 4,000 restaurants, though that number is expected to grow as a result of the new partnership. Restaurants pay to be listed on the app, but there's no fee for customers (unlike most reservation apps).

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