It’s Feb. 1. Your rent is due, Dry January — for the suckers out there who chose to partake — has ended, and the shitstorm in Washington is strengthening with steadily increasing fervor. All of this tallies up to the fact that you probably need a drink.

Today, the folks at Brokelyn released their annual Brooklyn Beer Books: pocket-sized packs of vouchers for 30 beers at 30 Brooklyn bars for $30. (That’s a buck a beer.)

This year, the books are divvied up into Upper Brooklyn, deemed "Zone 1" (bars north of Atlantic Ave) and Lower Brooklyn (south, "Zone 2"). TheUpper bookincludes drink tickets to bars like Bed-Vyne Brew in Bed-Stuy, The Diamond in Greenpoint, and Rocka Rolla in Williamsburg, while theLower booktakes you to the likes of Threes Brewing in Gowanus, Sycamore in Ditmas Park and Coney Island Brewery way down there. (If you needed a reason to explore Brooklyn, here ya go.)

Order themherebefore they sell out. They’ll ship out as early as Feb. 9, in case you want to snag one in time for Valentine’s Day, and the vouchers are good through 2017.


FYI to the Queens peeps: the2016 Queens Beer Bookis still on sale, with vouchers good through April 2017.

ALSO: Don't forget to tip.

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