New surveillance video regarding the murder of former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith shows several close encounters between alleged murdererCardell Hayes' Hummer and Smith's Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Smith is shown riding right behind Hayes at stop lines in the city of New Orleans and one clip shows Smith possibly tapping the bumper of Hayes' vehicle (at 1:32 mark in above video). Hayes is accused of shooting and killing Smith two blocks away from that incident. Hayes' wife, Racquel, was shot once in the leg.

Hayes' lawyer alleges that there was a second gun on the scene.

Current NFL player Tyrann Mathieu actually had incidents with Hayes growing up, he said, and he called Hayes a "coward."


"[Hayes] was scared when Will jumped out the car," Mathieu tweeted after Smith's death. "He immediately thought, let me grab my gun and shoot."

Mathieu has since said that he's received death threats due to his comments on the matter.

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