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News of Queen’s Halifax visit draws mixed reviews

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh are coming to Halifax next summer, but the mood of some about the visit is less than overzealous.

“Nothing against the Queen, but I wouldn’t bother coming to see her,” said Halifax’s Steve Patterson on a brisk day yesterday off of Spring Garden Road.

Patterson, 27, said although he wont be first in line to catch a glimpse, he respects Canada’s relationship with the British Monarch.

“I think its sort of cool how Canada established themselves peacefully from Britain,” he added.

Marie Dion, 25, thinks it’s “fine” the Queen will be coming to Canada from June 28 to July 6, but said our colonial ties with Britain are outdated.

“The whole concept of colonization maybe worked in the 1800s, but not now … I don’t think they have the resources,” she said.

Tom Rowan, 50, offers a different opinion. He’s looking forward to the Queen coming, and said Canada should care about her visit.

“I think the Queen is an outstanding monarch for Canada,” said Rowan.

The Queen, who will be joined by husband Prince Phillip, also plans to tour Manitoba and Ontario, including an Ottawa stop for Canada Day.

“Specific details of the Nova Scotia program will be developed and coordinated by the provincial office of protocol and released at a later date,” said Premier Darrell Dexter in a release.

This will be the Queen’s first visit to Canada since 2005 when she visited Saskatchewan and Alberta during the provinces’ centennial years, said the British Monarch website. Her visit in 2010 will mark the centennial of Canada’s navy.

“At a time when we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the navy and other important events, all Nova Scotians will have every reason to welcome Her Majesty and His Royal Highness with great excitement and pride,” said the premier.

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