1,065,455 and counting.

The City of Calgary released its annual survey results Wednesday, showing a 22,563 increase over the April 2008 count of 1,042,892.

Ten communities in Calgary had a growth of more than 1,000 persons, with Panorama Hills leading the way with an increase of 2,156 people, according to the city data.

Net migration was also up slightly over 2008, with 12,920 more people moving into Calgary than leaving — up 479 over last year.

The baby boom also continues in Calgary, with the natural increase in the population resulting in the addition of 9,643 people, though this was down from a 2008 peak of 9,695.

According to the data, the vacancy rate in the city also increased, despite the influx of new residents. Vacant dwellings jumped to 13,012, up from 9,199 in 2008, resulting in an overall vacancy rate of 3.08 per cent.

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