Credit: NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty Images. Credit: NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty Images.


Did anyone traveling From Zurich to JFK in New York via Swiss Air on Monday come across $1.2 million?


More than a million dollars was missing from Swiss Air flight, which was carrying a total of $93 million.


The cash shipment, which left from Zurich, was destined for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York according to ABC News.


“When it got here, the money was missing,” FBI spokesman Jim Margolin said.


The money was sealed in crates, which were transported in larger shipping containers.

“Three crates of cash were delivered to JFK,” an official told ABC News. “The crates remained sealed until yesterday. That’s when the seal was broken.

A forklift operator noticed damage to one of the crates when they opened the sealed crate. The missing money was in 12 bundles. Each bundle consisted of 1000 $100 bills.

The operator did not immediately report the punctured crate as he said many of the crates have suffered damages over the years.

It was discovered that the money was missing during the official count later Monday at the Fed offices in Lower Manhattan.

According to ABC News investigators believe it’s most likely the money was taken before the flight took off by someone who knew was in the crates.

Jack Gutt, Federal Reserve spokesman said he had no comment on the missing cash.

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