It’s easy to underestimate the value of drawers in kitchens, but when you’ve only got one, like Ottawa resident Jill Ivers has in her apartment in Regina Towers, that drawer becomes vital.

So you could understand her excitement when Ottawa Community Housing CEO Jo-Anne Poirier announced that they would be investing $3.2 million over the next five years in Regina Towers to upgrade kitchen cabinets and counters.

Yesterday, Poirier, along with Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Jim Watson, visited Regina Towers to see balcony railings that were recently installed using funds from an $8.2-million investment from the provincial government.

Tomorrow, the provincial and federal governments will be signing a $1.2-billion agreement to flow more money to social housing providers.

That money would go to repairing over 50,000 units and building 4,500 new units across the province.