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'10 Beautiful Chinese Women Executed Over the Past 30 Years' and other bad lists

Is this the worst-taste listicle in all of the Internet?

Listen, we know the pressures of the Internet game. Gotta get pageviews by any means necessary!

But that still doesn't excuse ChinaSmack.com for their "10 Beautiful Chinese Women Executed Over the Past 30 Years" photo gallery. Is it supposed to be hot? Irreverent? Social-justice-y? Cynical blog-bait? (It's definitely cynical blog-bait.)

How does it stack up to these awful listicles? Let's take a look, with a listicle of our own:

--The Hottest Female Sex Offenders (Houston Press)

--The Top 10 Strippers Under 40 (Miami New-Times)

--NSFW: When Does The Portrayal Of Young Girls Become Too Sexualized? (The Gloss)

--The Top 10 Love Scenes of "Lost" (Buzzsugar)

--American Cities Ranked by Size of Men's Schlongs (Lemondrop)

--The Next New Planking (Huffington Post)

--One Year of Double Rainbows (Huffington Post)

--Hillary Clinton's Hair: The Ups and Downs (Huffington Post)

--The McCains' PDA Moments (Huffington Post)

--How Much Is Cocaine? The Price of Cocaine In Europe And The US (Huffington Post)

--21 Awesome Coffee Mugs (Maxim)

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