A wild 10-hour revolver-brandishing cross-city crime spree landed a Calgary man in hospital and facing nearly a dozen charges when his time on the gurney is up.

“With this level of violence, this number of offences to occur, it’s very unusual,” Sgt. Keith Cain said, noting a pistol was used in two robberies, 10 attempted or successful carjackings and more than one assault, and he can’t recall a criminal bonanza with this magnitude or scope ever in Calgary.

Cain said the revolver was loaded, but couldn’t confirm shots were actually fired, and police are interviewing upwards of 60 people.


In the final vehicle jacked, a silver Hyundai, a 75-year-old man is still in hospital in serious condition as blood seeped into his brain after being struck with the revolver, Cain said.

The vehicle was chased by police, hit a post and was pinned by cruisers when a foot chase ensued and officers used force to make the arrest.

“It was a deadly force encounter,” Cain said.

“Approximately 30 people had a handgun pointed directly at them, many at close range.

“We were certainly fearing for the lives of the citizens, especially the victim, who was unlawfully confined in the vehicle.”

Cain said police aren’t ruling out more carjackings and robberies that may have occurred in the 10-hour time frame.

Richard David Barker, 27, will face at least 10 separate charges from the event.

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