1. Nearly all of fashion has slashed its budgets. That means much better people-watching on the subway.

2. Speaking of transportation, your odds of catching a taxicab between shows and parties just shot up too.

3. High fashion labels are still on sale, so you might actually be able to afford a nicer outfit for that party you want to crash.

4. Hour-long waits for a table at scenery restaurants are a drag, we doubt you’ll encounter them.

5. Your H&M finds have never been more popular or accepted.

6. You no longer have to feel like the only broke one who can’t afford what’s coming down the runways.

7. You now have a reason to dust off your Miu Miu bag from three seasons ago.

8. But if you don’t have one, no worries. The It bag is dead, remember?

9. Those parties you were too cool to stay at for more than 10 minutes are now your only opportunity to drink top-shelf-liquor cocktails and — sigh — champagne. That is, if you can get in.

10. Undone hair is the new do.