1. Find someone who always seems positive and ask them how they remain that way. Use their tricks. And remember their face when you feel yourself spiraling into negativity.

2. Focus on a physical weakness — your weight, inflexibility, acne, whatever — and find a trusted exercise book that deals with the issue. Any book that espouses responsible exercise can only help your overall well-being.

3. Call your own mom. Or dad. Or aunt. Or stepmom. Whichever family member meant
something to you as a kid.

4. Using Google Translator, learn how to say one useful phrase in four languages you don’t know, from countries you’ve always wanted to visit. To ce biti korisno jedan dan u Hrvatska (this will come in handy one day in Croatia).

5. Cut loose now and then. Find a marathon on TV. Watch without guilt. Eat something with MSG in it. Or sugar. Or cheese. Then avoid that ingredient all next week.

6. Don’t check your Facebook feed for one day, setting your account to alert you when you get private messages (those are allowed).

7. Ask three intimate friends to appraise your mental/physical state. Remain mature enough to not take the responses personally. Then ask them for constructive advice to help improve what’s lacking.

8. Pick a song you love that samples something. Find out which hooks or lyrics are sampled and discover music from that artist, likely from another era or unfamiliar genre. Boom: You’re a human Pandora.

9. For one day, delete or hide “Angry Birds” or whatever game you’re addicted to and replace with a news app. Those moments you’d normally be playing the game, read a section you normally wouldn’t.

10. When you meet a service person good at their job, take note. Then call their place of employment, ask to speak to a manager, describe the person and say something complimentary about their work. Then say goodbye politely and hang up.